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Arctic Drilling Ban

Dec. 2016 President Obama announces that 98 percent of U.S.-controlled Arctic waters (115 million acres) and 3.8 million acres of underwater canyon along the Atlantic coast will be permanently withheld …

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Global Fossil Fuel Divestment

Assets covered by fossil fuel divestment pledges reaches $5 trillion A coalition of organizations devoted to fossil fuel divestment reports that “On the one-year anniversary of the Paris climate agreement, …

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Plans to Defund NASA Climate Work

The Trump transition team announces a plan to strip NASA of funding for its Earth Science Division The Earth Science Division of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration works on …

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Arctic Temperatures Soar

Air temperatures in the Arctic are peaking at an unheard-of 20 degrees Celsius higher than normal for the time of year; international report underscores threats Sea temperatures are averaging nearly …

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Second NAS Report

Three years after its first climate report, a second National Academy of Sciences report on anthropogenic warming, chaired by economist Thomas Schelling, stresses uncertainty about the extent and timing of …

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Cuts to Energy R&D

The Reagan Administration cuts energy R&D funding by more than half; numerous battles erupt in Congress over the Department of Energy’s attempts to reduce its climate research budget and the …

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Charney Report

A report of the Ad Hoc Study Group on carbon dioxide and climate for the National Research Council chaired by Massachusetts Institute of Technology meteorologist Jule Charney estimates “the most …

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Solar on White House

President Jimmy Carter climbs to the roof of the White House to mark the installation of 32 solar panels to heat water for the White House At the dedication ceremony …

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First World Climate Conference

The first World Climate Conference is organized by the United Nations and the World Health Organization The conference held in Geneva includes 350 specialists from 53 countries and 24 international organizations …

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Funding Climate Research

The National Climate Program Act increases federal funding for climate research, under the National Climate Program Office of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration The law includes a Congressional finding …

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